NOGEBUS has foreseen the requirements of the market, trends and consumer service, and interprets customer needs to create up-to-date buses and coaches. This has made the company a frontrunner in its sector. Our designs are a benchmark in the industry while our method of working combines aesthetic appeal and form with technological requirements to yield beautiful, efficient and high-quality vehicles.

NOGE shapes movement.

The guiding principle of our daily work is the trust of our clients and partners. This understanding, a long track record and capacity to integrate and innovate, have made us one of the most dynamic companies in the industry.


Team of people

NOGEBUS was established in Arbúcies (Girona, Spain). From the time it began operating, its main goal was to become a benchmark on the coach and bus body market. This it has done thanks to collaboration of its workers, whose aim has been constant daily improvement with a view to offering the most competitive and reliable products.

Our corporate philosophy is based on providing technical solutions with a view to generating products that combine Evolution, Safety, Exclusivity, Practicality, Comfort, Flexibility and Reliability, without neglecting beauty and tradition. This is based on our employees and on the rigour of teamwork.



We provide an extensive range of TITANIUM, TOURING and SPRINTER model bus and coach body products. We are committed to fully satisfying our customers’ expectations by offering tough, reliable products fitted with state-of-the-art technological advances. NOGEBUS shapes movement.